Model 105

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Tunnel Oven for heat-shrinkable tubing, thermal processing and curing.

  • Two piece construction with plug connected remote control enclosure.
  • One meter standard conveyor length.
  • Two height positions for the upper element assembly.
  • “0” Voltage detect circuitry to prevent machine restart after a power outage.
  • Two 8” x 15.25” opposing 1500 Watt infrared elements.
  • Adjustable heat shields on the front and rear of the upper element assembly.
  • Cantilevered upper element assembly.
  • DC drive motor for conveyor speeds of 0.2 to 5.0 FPM.
  • Operating temperatures to 650C.
  • 20 Minute solid state cool-down timer.
  • E-Stop circuitry for immediate shut-down in a critical condition.
  • Quarter-Turn fasteners for easy removal of upper sheet metal cover.
  • CE compliant electrical components.
  • Custom entry and exit conveyor length extensions up to 200”.
  • Optional floor stand assemblies with locking casters.


The Model 105 Tunnel Oven is a table conveyor heater, that provides a controlled process system, suitable for processing a variety of products, including heat-shrinkable tubing, solder paste applications, and thermal curing of various products.

The M105 is designed as an integrated modular unit consisting of the upper heater chamber and base, modular wire mesh belt conveyor with lower heater element, and remote control enclosure.

The standard unit, P/N 12000012 is provided with a 39” long conveyor.

The wire mesh belt conveyor is designed to permit custom conveyor lengths in excess of 39” for specific customer application requirements. A six foot detachable umbilical cable connects the processor unit to the control enclosure. An adapter bracket is provided to mount the control enclosure directly to the processor when required.

The M105 has two upper heating chamber height positions, ( 2.11” and 3.86”) The position is adjusted by removing the pivot pins and relocating them in the bearing stands.

The upper chamber is cantilevered to permit processing of assemblies that require only a portion of the assembly to pass through the heat zone. The upper chamber is provided with adjustable heat shields to maximize the oven heating efficiency for various applications.

The M105 has two 1500 watt stamped foil infrared heating elements, one in the upper chamber and the other mounted to the transport conveyor below the wire mesh belt. The temperature of the heating elements is precisely maintained by a closed loop temperature controller.

Assemblies are placed on the entry section of the mesh belt and transported through an opposing 8” wide x 15.25” long infrared heating chamber, across a bank of cooling fans and discharged from rear of then conveyor.

The dwell time in the oven can be set between 0.2 and 5.0 feet per minute, ensuring every assembly being processed sees the same precise amount of heat.

The M105 processor operates on single phase 208 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

The M105 is designed to meet the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Electrical Code (NEC).

Sheet metal guards and fans protect the operator from exposure to the temperature in the heating chamber. The processor has an automatic cooldown circuit to prevent heat damage to the components.

Controlled heating zone. The Model 105 processor uses stamped foil heating elements that are manufactured to a strict wattage
requirement. Consistent temperatures are obtained through a K-type thermocouple embedded into the upper heating element and a closed loop temperature controller. An alarm light illuminates whenever the heating element temperature varies from the set point temperature range.

Conveyor speed control The conveyor speed is precisely set by a 3-digit potentiometer. The SCR drive controller and DC drive motor ensures constant conveyor speed at any potentiometer setting from 100 to 999 (0.2 to 5.0 feet per minute), for precise heating of assemblies.

Minimal skill requirements The open loading area of the entry section of the M105 requires that the operator simply place the assembly on the mesh conveyor belt within the effective width of the heat zone.

Versatility The processor is designed to process a broad range of heat-shrinkable products up to 3 inch (56.2 mm) in diameter and infinite length. the infrared energy  source is ideally suited to efficient processing of either single-wall or adhesive-lined tubing. Heat output and drive speed can be controlled to accommodate a wide variety of products and substrates.

Safety features
· Circuit breaker for current overload.
· Audible alarm indication of a heater failure.
· Automatic cool-down circuit to prevent heat damage to integral components.
· Indicator alarm light to advise operator of when the process is ready and the oven is up to temperature.

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